Privacy Policy

At Columbia Asset Management, we are committed to maintaining a secure and confidential environment to fully protect your nonpublic personal information.  This personal privacy statement discloses what information we gather, the purpose of the information and with whom the information is or is not shared.

  • We do not sell your personal information to anyone.
  • We will not share your personal information with nonaffiliated third parties unless you have specifically asked us to do so.
  • We collect information from the following sources:
  • Information received from you on account applications or forms.
  • Information about your investment account history with other companies or with Columbia Asset Management.
  • Any personal information collected for our records that occurs due to normal business procedures is used to manage your account(s) in order to meet your financial goals and to provide you with the highest level of service available.
  • As well, security standards have been and continue to be implemented in order to guide the employees of Columbia Asset Management in upholding client privacy and confidentiality.

If at any time you decide to close your account(s) with Columbia Asset Management, we will maintain the highest respect for your personal information through compliance with our privacy policies.